• Minimum 80% attendance is must in order to appear in any examination held in the school.

  • In case if a student is absent continuously for 15 days without any notice he/she will have been considered to have left the school and his/her name shall be stuck off from the roll.

  • Re-admission will then be granted only in case of available seats in that class on repayment of Re-admission Fee.

  • Minimum 80% attendance is must in order to appear in any examination held in the school.

  • Thus the syllabus prescribed by CBSE an the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) is followed to enable the students to appear for All India Secondary school Examination conducted by CBSE Board,Delhi.

  • Rule for Shortage Attendance

  • In case the attendance of a student fall short,the shortage may then be considered on the basis of verification of record and satisfaction of principal.
  • On the basis of submission of a medical certificate in case of prolonged illness by a Registered Practtioner..

  • Loss of Mother/Father or any such incident leading to special consideration. .

  • Any Matter of serious consequence as the principal may deem fit after in-depth consideration. .

  • Participation in sponsered tournaments and sports meet of not less than inter-school or at NCC/NSS Campus including days of journey for such participation for which prior permission must be sought from the principal. .

Why Choose Our Institution?

Providing a brand new educational culture to all the schools across the world is the inspirational factor behind the development of this solution.

Transport Facility

The school offers temperature controlled transport facilities for its students. The speed limits of the buses are fixed for the purpose of safety.

Information Teachnology

n This age when computer Knowledge is a compulsory requirement,the school strives to provide the best computer education with the help of well equipped labs and all other facilities.

Book Library & Store

It serves as store house of information related, to prescribed text books and beyond. Its purpose is to inculcate reading habit amongst students.