• Students who are absent from any particular examination should not be expected to be re-examined.
  • No consideration shall be done in the result once it is announced.
  • The year's record of work consists of the day to written work and an average performance of the non-academic activities.
  • Request for double promotion cannot be considered any circumstances.
  • In case if a student is not present for any particular exam he/she will have to submit a written application to the principal regarding the same and prior permission must be sanctioned.

  • The School follows the CBSE guidelines regarding semesterisation of exams.There will be only two semester exmas in september and March,each preceded by Units Tests,Oral Testes,Assignments and projects etc as evaluation parameters.The detailed syllabi and portion for each examination shall be informed to the students.Both academic and non-academic performance shall be taken into account.

Why Choose Our Institution?

Providing a brand new educational culture to all the schools across the world is the inspirational factor behind the development of this solution.

Transport Facility

The school offers temperature controlled transport facilities for its students. The speed limits of the buses are fixed for the purpose of safety.

Information Teachnology

n This age when computer Knowledge is a compulsory requirement,the school strives to provide the best computer education with the help of well equipped labs and all other facilities.

Book Library & Store

It serves as store house of information related, to prescribed text books and beyond. Its purpose is to inculcate reading habit amongst students.